About Us

At Loop we believe that sharing of all kind, brings us closer together and helps nourish our relationships. However, all too often, taboos around money get in the way.

That’s why we created Loop: to remove these taboos and help money and relationships work better together.

Loop is designed to be both practical and ethical.

Loop is practical, enabling friends and families to thrive, share experiences and do more with their money together.

Loop is ethical, solving a real problem in society, by making it easier for social groups to make more of their money between them and challenging the way banks think and work.

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Loop, money sharing made easy

Contact us

For all queries related to the Loop app, the easiest way is to go to the Profile screen of the app and follow the Contact us prompt.

Alternatively, you can email us at: support@loopmoney.com

For any press or marketing enquiries, please email us at: social@loopmoney.com

money sharing made easy